Work and play is our sealed success strategy for cold email

Our obsession with seals comes from the high results with sending fun content that we owe to animal photography in our cold email.

How we started

Kien and Alex developed the B2B marketing strategy at a growing SaaS company and decided to do the same for other companies, focusing on cold email.

What it's like working with us

Up to date

We evolve our processes as we regularly find new ways to improve our cold email.


We achieve steadily increasing results to let our clients make the most of cold email.


Our clients have a full view of and access to our cold email processes.

Team Work

Client opinions always count as we combine it with our cold email expertise.

Generating great leads with cold email

We get a kick out of booking you a meeting with a great lead, like a Fortune 500. The team is driven by generating cold email leads we can brag about while our clients... you guessed it - seal more deals.

Meet us