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Outbound doesn’t have to be hard or boring, we are here to make it easy for you and your team.

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Our mission

Hypergen was formed by our two cofounders after seeing how the previous startup they worked with landed their biggest client ever through outbound. Afterward, the goal was to replicate that same success tenfold in even more businesses. After billions in pipeline generated across all of our clients in the last couple of years, we are just getting started and are grateful to be on this journey with our clients and our team.

Our values

Ultimately we want to act as a partner to all of our clients, treating their product/ service as our own. That is why we only hire self-starters who get excited to learn new things, who value transparency, and who proactively solve problems. Seriously, our team is awesome, and can’t wait for you to meet them!

What it's like working with us

People who you look in the eye and they just tell you: “Leave me alone, I got this sh*t”.


When you go into a room (real one or virtual one), you want to see and feel the fire when you talk with someone


We proactively tell you about new opportunities or if there any problems.


We use a lot of new tools and methods, we are constantly exploring and improving our workflow.


We aim to be fully open with all of our clients not only about the good but also the bad things.


If we have performance issues, we gather multiple people to figure out a solution, whether it’s a new copy, new targeting, or a totally different approach.


Our team loves learning and teaching you new things.

Coachable and a good coach

We make sure everyone can take a joke, haha, so don’t be afraid to banter with us 🙂

Can take a joke

We get “high off” of great results. The first lead came in. Awesome! You closed a 500k deal. AMAZING!


We can’t always avoid mistakes but can be open to change, that is how we learn fast and evolve together.

Openness to feedback

Should be able to work in a team with all teams even those that are not in the same position

Team player

Global team with experience

We love unifying communities around the world. Hence our team and clients come across 15+ countries.

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