How We Turned Cold Emailing into a Fun and Effective Task

Cold emailing is a great way to reach out and introduce your company to potential customers with no prior contact to start

Cold emailing is a great way to reach out and introduce your company to potential customers with no prior contact to start and maintain business relationships. Sending cold emails may seem like a daunting task that could have poor results. You must consider numerous factors when sending a cold email. For instance, knowing your target audience when sending a cold email can get you a 10-40% reply rate. Here are a few steps you should include when constructing a cold email that could give you better results.

How do you Write an Effective Cold Email?

  1. Write a Catchy Subject Line.

A subject line is the first impression of your cold email; it impacts your open and response rates.

To grab the prospect’s attention, you must personalize your cold email subject line, addressing them specifically. The value must be made obvious from the beginning so they know what to expect. You can use a question in the subject line to trigger interest and generate the prospect’s curiosity in reading the whole email.  

  1. Make Use of Personalized Greetings.

Set a friendly tone right from the beginning with a simple “Hey” accompanied by the person’s name. Adding the name gives the impression that the rest of the email will be tailored for the prospect.

  1. Customize the Introduction. 

Once you’ve persuaded the prospect to open your cold email with an intriguing subject line, the introduction is the next important step to ensure they continue reading. Use the cold email introduction line to show that you have researched the prospect or their company. You can include positive feedback, a clear understanding of them or what they do and if there is anything to congratulate them about, go ahead. Take time to research the prospect before writing the cold email.   

  1. Include a Video Pitch.

This is where you get to mention a pain point, the solution and the value to your prospect. With a video pitch, you can do that in a matter of seconds, and it will grab the prospect’s attention and show them that you are willing to work hard. This will also give the prospect a sense of having a real conversation and allow you to convey emotions that would otherwise not be captured through text.  

  1. Keep your Introduction Brief:

Avoid being the center of attention. Instead, put the prospect and their value in the spotlight and then introduce yourself in a single sentence. Name big clients you have worked with that your prospect might recognize to show credibility. Emphasize that your main focus is to help them. 

  1. Write a Conversation Starter CTA.

Write a call to action (CTA) that persuades your prospect to do what you intended for them to do with your cold email. It may be anything from calling them to reply or subscribing to your newsletter. Use a single sentence for your CTA that does not require effort and gives the prospect clarity on which steps to take. Keep it casual to reinforce the friendliness of your approach. Be short and to the point. 

  1. Include an Interesting Send-Off. 

Show appreciation to the prospect for making it to the end of your cold email with a simple “Thanks.” You can also add a funny element as a final personalization that reminds them that this email was crafted for them.

Cold emailing is all about building a relationship with a prospect. That is why the content is mainly focused on the prospects themselves. Personalization is essential to gaining a prospect’s interest and the success of your cold email. Learning more about the prospect will aid in creating and writing a message that is perfectly tailored for them.

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