How cold email provides Bramlett Residential with 4 new quality hires per month

Bramlett Residential hire 4 agents every month, thanks to cold email outreach.


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Bramlett Residential is a boutique residential Austin real estate company with an average of 9 years of experience per agent & 1250+ client reviews.

The Challenge

Bramlett had a hard time finding high-performing agents that would fit the culture and work ethic of the company that closed at least 5mil + in 2021. They were looking for experienced and hard-working agents. Before working with us, they used to rely on referrals and other sources that didn’t provide them with a consistent pipeline.

The Solution

For our cold outreach strategy, we used filters to extract contact lists of agents with the minimum volume of closed deals and years of experience required. We targeted them with messaging that had already been tried, tested, and proven to work for cold email to real estate agents.

The Results

Bramlett Residential got meetings with 10+ experienced high-performing agents who were looking to change their brokerage in Austin, Texas. They get 3+ of those joining them every month, helping them scale their operations further and grow revenue using cold email.

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