How our cold email helped Prezzee expand on the US market and book meetings with Fortune 500s

Prezzee booked meetings with Netflix and other Fortune 500s, thanks to our outreach.

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Prezzee is a digital Gift Card solution designed to change the art of gifting to boost employee performance, engagement, and retention in companies. With personalization, bulk sending and instant delivery with the option to co-brand with your corporate logo, Prezzee helps thousands of companies simplify and optimize their reward incentives.

The Challenge

Prezzee wanted to expand its business in the US market but its SDRs found it challenging to nail down the cold email outreach in terms of messaging. They were struggling to build a consistent pipeline of outbound leads while their SDR team was growing and needed a stream of qualified leads fast.

The Solution

We conducted research to find out what intrigued Prezzee’s ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles). We looked at pain points such as employee turnover rates and came up with cold email messaging that made them want to learn more about Prezzee.

We then used our signature approach for cold email outreach to catch the attention of the prospects, while matching Prezzee's brand style - a casual tone combined with humor and entertaining images, which often works best with US prospects. This quickly built a consistent stream of qualified leads for their SDRs to work with every day.

The Results

After a few months of generating leads through cold email, their SDRs can focus on warm outbound leads instead of doing outreach on their own. We managed to book them calls with multiple Fortune 500s. The open rates hit up to 60% and reply rates up to 22%, which is 2 times more than their average open rates and 7 times more than their average cold email reply rates. This led to multiple deals closed from our cold outreach. Prezzee was also able to further expand their targeting and figure out what cold email messaging works best for its brand and product. We are now an integral part of their sales team.

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