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How our cold email helped Dingus & Zazzy win over 23 new deals in just three months

After partnering with Hypergen, Dingus & Zazzy have now tapped into a gold mine of prospects.

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New Deal Opportunities Created on Average Each Month:


Dingus & Zazzy is a one-stop-shop creative marketing firm offering businesses branding, graphic design, website design and development, SEO, social media management, copywriting, media buying, video editing, and more. Dingus & Zazzy's philosophy is centered on creativity, passion, and experience, and this allows them to retain clients while scaling tremendously. Since 2020, their client base has increased by 582%. 

The Challenge

How do you maintain an astronomical client acquisition rate over a prolonged period of time, especially in a field as increasingly saturated as digital marketing? The demand for creative marketing services is at an all-time high, and its growth doesn't seem to be losing steam, but this has resulted in an explosion of service providers. Dingus & Zazzy knew that more leads were out there, but how could it access them?

The Results

The Hypergen Effect

After partnering with Hypergen, Dingus & Zazzy have now tapped into a gold mine of prospects. The first month of our partnership produced 5 000 contacted leads, the second 21 000, and now in our third month together, 42 000. The client has won 23 deals from these efforts with a cumulative expected revenue of $556 933.86 CAD. 

Dingus & Zazzy's Director of Sales, Carter Davey, had this to say when asked about his company's relationship with Hypergen:

"We thought we were the experts at outbound until working with the team at Hypergen. As a young and fast-paced company, their team's work and quick responsiveness have been a massive game-changer for us and how we connect with new opportunities. Whenever we need something fixed or more information, they get back to us almost immediately to start working on a solution. Their platform has allowed our sales team to work with solid and relevant leads while maintaining a pace that aligns with our growth."

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