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How we use cold email to book 60+ leads per month for a PR firm in the US

Our PR client receives 60+ leads per month from our cold email outreach.

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Project Timeline


New Deal Opportunities Created on Average Each Month:


Our PR client is a boutique, communications and full service digital agency. They specialize in providing Startups, Venture Capitalist and Private Equity Firms with placements on major online media outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and TechCrunch to name a few. They help companies and their leaders establish credibility and authority in their market.

The Challenge

They were lacking a consistent sales pipeline and a team that could build and manage lead generation campaigns. Cold email outreach campaigns generated around 15 leads per month and they found it challenging to scale that further. 

The Solution

For the messaging, we A/B tested a short-and-sweet approach vs a personalized image and discovered the strongest cold email template right from the start. It generated around 90% of 70+ leads during the first month.

The Results

We are now generating 60+ highly interested leads every month with cold email campaigns targeting C level positions, directors, and founders.

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