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We reach out to middle and high performing agents through targeted and personalized cold email.

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How cold email helps you hire agents with 4xROI

Here is our process of reducing an average cost per new hire of $30k, letting you hire 4+ agents in a year for the price of one.

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01. The List

You tell us what your ideal new hires look like. We create detailed lists of prospects with information such as volume of closed deals and years of experience.

02. The Messaging

We use  your recommendations and our previous results to create personalized cold email messaging that captures your dream new agents.

03. The Responses

You receive your candidates straight to your inbox, nice and neat, where you pick the right ones for your business and values.

In the words of our clients…

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"They measure results and deliver results."

Delivered upwards of 5 warm inbound recruiting leads per month. We recruited more than 10 agents in a 6 month period.

Eric Bramlett
Broker & Owner

"Always quick responses with helpful insights. "

Very knowledgeable about cold email marketing, copywriting, cadence and campaign creation, etc.

Anthony Smith
Head of Sales at RealScale

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