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How we used cold email to generate 30+ new clients in three months

We book 60+ meetings every month for our Real Estate client RealScale.


Email Marketing




RealScale is a complete brokerage management platform, providing CTC services to high-performing teams and brokerages including Keller Williams, Bramlett Residential and Raleigh Realty.

The Challenge

RealScale couldn’t generate real estate agent and broker leads consistently. They tried channels like PPC but the leads were too expensive and they needed a more cost-effective and consistent lead generation method, like cold email . Doing it internally was challenging since they didn’t have the time or team available to focus on outbound lead generation.

The Solution

Based on our previous experience doing cold outreach to real estate agents and brokers, we already had a solid idea of what worked for targeting agents and brokers through cold email. We used MLS data to target prospects that were closing a certain amount of deals every year. Using us, RealScale’s cost per lead was 4-5 times lower through cold email than through PPC which made them quit doing PPC altogether.

The Results

After 3 months of working with us, and receiving 60+ leads on average every month, RealScale converted 30+ of them into new clients. Over 60-70% of all agents and brokers we target with cold email view the messaging helping to achieve reply rates upwards of 15%. We continue to consistently help RealScale grow their pipeline and create opportunities that close. Maintaining the results of their cold email campaigns by generating great lead lists and updating the messaging ensures a constant growth in RealScale’s revenue.

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