Generating over $150k in revenue and increasing an agency’s MRR by 40% in 7 months

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About Set2Close

Set2Close is a sales development agency that specializes in building sales processes, CRMs, coaching and talent recruitment to help their clients maximize their sales effectiveness.

Set2Close’s Challenge

Before working with Hypergen, Set2Close spent excessively on lead generation through digital advertising. The cost per lead was high, and conversions were low. As a start-up, they needed a more cost-efficient way to generate qualified leads quickly. They were struggling to find the correct targeting, messaging, and volume. They were also forced to rely on time-consuming manual outreach to make ends meet.

They also wanted to tap into more specific types of businesses that were focused on profitability and doing well during the current economic climate, like manufacturers, construction companies, and bootstrapped SaaS.
I can confidently say I have never said these words as a business owner until we started with Hypergen & that is that our lead gen has been a breeze the last 6−7 months working with Hypergen. They have generated an influx of leads out of the gate. As time goes on, those leads only seem to be getting more qualified. Hypergen now accounts for over half of our generated revenue & has played a huge role in our 300% growth this last year.

Jordon Rowse

Co−founder, Set2Close


We figured out the top copies people were responding to factoring in the signal and service Set2Close was offering. As an agency you want to focus on services that are not as saturated. In this case their hubspot offering was working as a great opener for an initial convo, as we could target all of their ICPs that were already using it as a CRM.

Looking for other relevant signals – The two other segments that worked strongly were newly hired sales leaders and companies hiring for sales roles, as they could help recruit the talent they were after.

Honing in the ICP – We are constantly analyzing the right employee size, decision maker, etc., based on deals they are closing or moving forward. This is vital, especially as Set2Close is starting to move more from small businesses to mid-market due to budget restrictions for their full-service packages.

Nailing down the messaging–All of our messages were specific; say, for HubSpot messaging, we focused on time to respond, sequences, reports, etc., things that we know users need to have but often don’t. For new hires and hiring sales, we covered how we can help them hire talent but also optimize their CRM and workflow, as a lot of times they need talent and a better process.

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The Results

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In the 6−7 months we worked together, we produced over 429 leads, which resulted in over 100 meetings for the agency.

From the opportunities they converted, they generated over $150,000 in revenue and have a total pipeline value of over $1.05-$1.5 million in deals between stages (disregarding closed losses).

Thanks to our lead flow, we increased their MRR by 40%, which helped them hire more staff and scale their operations. Currently, our lead flow still accounts for over 50% of all of their deals.

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