$4,5 million generated in the span of 18 months for a productized marketing agency

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$4,5 million generated in the span of 18 months for a productized marketing agency

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Dingus & Zazzy


Marketing Agency


Alberta, Canada

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About Dingus & Zazzy

Dingus & Zazzy is a one-stop-shop creative marketing firm offering branding, graphic design, website design development, SEO, social media management, copywriting, media buying, video editing, and more. Hundreds of companies are using them as their marketing department. It’s a flat subscription-based pricing, and you get it all: unlimited iterations. The team can work on as many or as few projects as you want each month.

Jonathan Sturgeon

CEO | Dingus & Zazzy

After partnering with Hypergen, Dingus & Zazzy have now tapped into a gold mine of prospects.

Dingus & Zazzy’s Challenge

With goals to expand even further, their sales team was in need of more channels with a lower CPL, as ads are expensive and referrals are not scalable. The issue is they are in a very saturated market. There are millions of marketing agencies out there. Their team had also tried outbound before but couldn’t get consistent results.

Carter Davey

Dingus & Zazzy's Director of Sales

We thought we were the experts at outbound until working with the team at Hypergen. As a young and fast-paced company, their team’s work and quick responsiveness have been a massive game-changer for us and how we connect with new opportunities. Whenever we need something fixed or more information, they get back to us almost immediately to start working on a solution. Their service has allowed our sales team to work with solid and relevant leads while maintaining a pace that aligns with our growth.


  1. Targeting based on intent and segmentation – We did multiple tests to figure out high-performing audiences. Armed with closing data, we could also factor in deal value and the customer lifetime value. We saw newly hired positions, companies using WordPress, marketing agencies, and businesses in neighboring states tended to perform best.
  2. Utilizing humor and fun messaging – As we were targeting a lot of marketing execs, we added memes in some of our follow-ups, as well as used a conversational and fun tone for all the emails. This got us reply rates north of 15% on some campaigns.
  3. Offering – Dingus & Zazzy has an amazing offer, all the marketing you would ever need for a fixed price. We made sure to emphasize it in the emails and play around with that (i.e., if they are a marketing agency, they can save on staffing costs or hire further talent).
  4. An emphasis on deliverability – As we are going to target a large batch of contacts each month, we are doing regular spam checks on domains to ensure deliverability.
  5. CRM integration and a clear process for following up – Since the team is getting over 400+ leads each month, we worked with their RevOps to set up a system for pushing the leads to their CRM and distributing them amongst reps. This ensures their time to respond is minimized, increasing the likelihood of booking a call with the prospect and closing the deal.

The Results

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In Revenue

After partnering with Hypergen, Dingus & Zazzy now has a consistent stream of over 400 outbound opporutnities each month.

For the past 6 months they have been closing an average of 14 opportunities averaging $290,000 in lifetime value and $41,000 in MRR (lifetime value is calculated based on an avg retention of 7 months).

In total the their sales team has won over 215 deals from our oppurtunities totalling $4.5 million in expected revenue. 

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