Fill your inbox 
with ideal customers
using cold email.

Build strong connections and grow your business as we find your ICP pains and speak the gains of your solution in their language.

We have booked meetings for our clients with

We have booked meetings for our clients with
(and thousands of others)


You will receive 10-20 leads the first month, which can grow up to 70, as we generate 3-10k prospects monthly.

Targeting Precision
Your cold email campaigns can target by tech stack, industry, position, company size, revenue, and funding.
Targeting Smart
You get more replies with extra personalized cold email at scale as we source contacts through LinkedIn Events.
Interest and Intent
We shorten your deal cycles by using intent signals, such as hiring and growth, to fuel cold email.


You get 10-40% reply rates with a cold email approach driven by knowing what your exact targeting responds to.

Data-Driven Email Strategy
You get up to 2% average lead rates - your flow of interested ideal customers, thanks to our data and research.
Professional Copywriting
Up to 60% of your leads convert to calls as we kick-start your sales process with creative cold email copy.
Inbox Management
You stay out of spam folders to maintain your reputation as we keep your deliverability high with custom domains.


Increase your number of closed deals each month as we refine the messaging to your ICP, based on growing reply rates.

A/B Testing
See the best-performing cold email CTA, subject line, pain point, and value proposition for your business.
Weekly Reports
Learn what drives the success of your campaigns as we give you full transparency into the cold outreach process.
CSV Exports with Prospect Info
Get your contact lists, gain insight into your target customers, and enrich your database.

A simple three step process


Onboarding Call

Tell us what your product is about. What problem does it solve? How is it different than your competitors? What is your ideal customer profile? Why?


10 Days to Get Started

Get ready to start within two weeks as we prepare your accounts, contact lists, and messaging for your approval.


Improve and Grow

We see what works best and repeat it until your inbox is overfed with leads and you seal deals left and right.

Your outsourced B2B cold outreach experts

Let us dive into your ideal prospects inboxes and float to the top as we grab their attention better than Kien is doing with those seals.

We enjoy a weekly chat to enhance your cold email results and work as your own team. You get dedicated team members that act as your:

Prospect Researcher 
Dedicated Copywriter
Campaign and Account Manager
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