Penetrating the US–3 enterprise deals closed in 6 months for a SaaS in a brand-new market

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About Blings

Blings is an effective, fun, and scalable video software solution. Their goal is to help businesses communicate more effectively with their users through video.

Blings platform gives you the ability to create videos where the customer can interact and modify the content and design based on live client data. Also, it is the only video service where you can scale with no additional cost for amount or frequency.

With Blings, you can A/B test campaigns to obtain live detailed analytics that will ensure that your campaign meets all your goals.

Blings’s Challenge

Blings had great initial traction in Israel and Europe but had their sights on expanding into a new market–North America, in particular the US and Canada.

They had gone through multiple channels and outbound providers but needed help finding one that generated qualified leads with the quality and volume of the pipeline they were looking for.

To make matters even tougher, they are after marketing executives (directors, heads, VPs, and C-level positions) in enterprise-sized companies, where there is even more competition for people reaching out to them.
“Working with the team has been a real pleasure, they are creative and professional with great execution, the integration was seamless and the leads started coming in. We had deals with multiple Fortune 500s! Their cost per lead is also second to none.”

Yosef Peterseil

COO & Co-Founder,


A/B testing multiple variations to determine what content gave us the most responses. We ended up seeing the shortest version of emails, with 50−60 words having the highest reply rate. As long as one of our signature follow-ups included a picture of an animal everyone loved responding to (marketers love animals).

Intent-based targeting: we saw that the highest response rates came from people who recently switched positions and LinkedIn events. This way, we landed meetings with them and multiple Fortune 500 brands.

Targeting their top accounts: we went after a list of 100 companies. As we cycled through multiple decision-makers, we managed to land meetings with over 5−6% of them.

Meeting with the team regularly, initially weekly and later bi-weekly, helped us track which leads were progressing into opportunities. So that we better understand what are the things we should look for and avoid when honing in their ICP.

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The Results

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In the 6.5+ months we worked together we produced 180 leads, including multiple Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 brands.

With 6 months + deal, cycles Blings has won 3 opportunities with multiple pending into close with an expected ROI of 6−8× from just those 3 deals.

They now have consistent opportunities each month and are building out their first use cases in the US through Hypergen.

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